Commitment to Quality

"Using a Quality Mold gives me one less thing to worry about."

Bill S.,
Quality Control Engineer



Producing Quality Molds for Over 30 Years

Quality Mold, Inc. is very committed to maintaining the highest standards of product excellence, providing high quality molds within the customer’s specs and tolerances which produce quality, usable parts the first time. Then to service and support our customer’s needs throughout the life of the mold.

Quality Mold excels in building molds to produce small, intricate parts for industries such as Medical and Electronics.

Quality Mold designs and builds:

  • open-shut molds that have slides, lifts, and core pulls
  • two shot molds
  • hot manifold molds (with or without valve gates)
  • silicone molds
  • transfer molds.

We also build prototype tools, jigs, fixtures and other related tooling.

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