About Quality Mold, Inc.

Commitment to Customers

"Quality Mold has been around over 30 years - they know my business - they know what I want."

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About Quality Mold, Incorporated


Quality Mold, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1976 when it was started by its present owner, Ray Dietz. The company, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota employs 9 class “A” mold makers.

We have design capabilities in house, as well as a roster of proven contract designers.


We excel in building molds to produce small, intricate parts. We have built many molds for the Medical and Electronics industries. We design and build open-shut molds that have slides, lifts, and core pulls; as well as two shot molds, hot manifold molds (with or without valve gates), silicone molds, and transfer molds. We also build prototype tools, jigs, fixtures and other related tooling.

Support Functions

In addition, we have the capacity and skill to repair and modify existing tools.
We inspect and trouble shoot tools to find and give our customers a way to solve problems they may be having with their tool. We currently provide this service to our customers for tools we have built and those built elsewhere. We offer fast turn-around on repairs and modifications, as well as timely delivery of new tools.



Quality Mold Inc.
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